The Wedding Anniversary

So we made it to 11 years of marriage.

I’d like to say it was the love, the laughter and bearing witness to each other’s souls that kept the magic alive but that would be a shameless lie. The secret is a newly discovered phenomenon called Marrakech Syndrome that I will be publishing details of in the November edition of Second Hand Scientist.

It’s basically Stockholm Syndrome but a touch warmer, slightly more tagine flavoured and with a bit more emphasis on talking relentless bollocks and laughing at your own jokes until the subject has surrendered any hope.

For those struggling couples out there – don’t give up. We are a shining example of how laziness and an overwhelming barrage of absolute shite can lead to the warm glow of resignation.

Just heading off down the pub to peer review the research.

You’re a fucking survivor Mado

PS – Expecting lavish credit for actually remembering this year xxxxx

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