The Entitlement Pandemic

01_coronavirus_cdc_2871.adapt.1900.1Difficult not to conclude that the British Government’s current cocktail of nonchalance and exceptionalism is a biohazard metaphor for the underlying psychology of Brexit.

It’s a window into casual entitlement, the ingrained disdain of ‘flapping foreigners’ and the impact of a 70 year long fetishization of the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ spirit from World War 2.

A war won on the Eastern front by the sacrifice of 27 million Russian lives, but mythologized into the unique resilience of the British Bulldog.

This isn’t to denigrate British courage during WW2, just to point out that A – solutions are transnational, and B – we never had to really deal with the worst fallout, and that breeds complacency in our approach to crises.

I’m all for stiff upper lips, but only when they’re accompanied by rational action.

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