The Diet

After years in imminent danger of being found dead in a hotel room from heart failure, I got back from Australia 16 months ago with a switch flicked and a new connection with my physical self.

Since then – I’ve managed to shed 26 kilos (4 stone) without having to resort to reckless, unscientific fads like exercise and managed to cheat just often enough on my diet to still feel like a rebel unchained.

Here are the before and after shots – I’m particularly pleased with the third one – taken just today which really highlights the transformation.

To my wife Madeline Williams Bozorgmehr – we tried you and I – but I’m thin now (ish) so I have to follow my destiny. Have left a pie in the oven as a final farewell as I elope with my new love.

Javier understands me. We tango, meditate and do capoeira together. He calls me ‘Gran toro con los pezones duros’ and I call him Susan.

It’s been emotional – but as I jog into the sunset without instantly collapsing, I bid you Adios and hope you too can find happiness.


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