Strategy and Business Magazine Book of the Year

Not gonna lie – this made my day.

Gave a 3 hour Oscar style acceptance speech to the cat this morning before throwing a pair of Y fronts at myself and reluctantly accepting the Order of the Cheeky Pint at lunchtime.

In all seriousness though – brilliant to see the book and the story it tells singled out on such a serious business platform. And by the writer behind ‘The Smartest Guys in the Room’ – the classic book and documentary about the Enron scandal.

Particularly chuffed that not only was some of my corporate analysis taken on board, it’s actually quoted here – which, considering the publication and it’s readership, feels like a real achievement.

Absolute respect for being so open minded – huge thanks to writer Bethany McLean and to strategy+business magazine – it’s a great article that’s well worth a read on the other books..


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