Fabric Closure

Desperately sad to see culture sacrificed once more on the altar of profit.

Gentrification – that lucrative cancer metastasizing across London has now claimed fabriclondon – as close to a dance music institution as the city has ever had. Despite the obscene logic of prohibition being held up as a fig leaf of warped social responsibility, it’s difficult not to see the subtext of the decision to close Fabric as the triumph of sanitized corporatism.

And of course, by proving the futility of trying to ‘play the game’ and working with the authorities, Islington council have disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of people who might otherwise be contributing to the economic, social and cultural life of the city.

It remains a mystery why developers and planners recognize the value of underground culture in raising the profile of an area to the point at which it becomes financially interesting – and yet fuck those core attractors off within months of acquiring a foothold. Another Pret, another Starbucks, another chloroform soaked rag across the dying gasps of a city.

And they wonder why people break into warehouses to create autonomous spaces in celebration of the human spirit. We – as a culture – tried playing the game.

The message back is pretty clear.

Photo credit Sarah Ginn

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